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All the proceeds of the sale of this CD, both digital and physical, are donated to the non-profit Warrior Songs: Bringing Hope and Healing to Veterans Through Music.

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Jason Moon has a new CD
"Trying to Find My Way Home"

What is it?
Recently I was asked to be part of a film project focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans after they have returned from their tours. I participated in the film, a 94 minute documentary, "On The Bridge" and played music for the film. Four of my songs figure prominently in the film. The production company, Zadig Productions, liked the music so much, they decided to take my song, "Trying to Find My Way Home", and professionally record it as an instrumental piece to be played for the final credit role. While I was recording this song at SurroundInSound Studio's in Milwaukee, I was also able to record studio versions of all four of the songs which are featured in the film. John and Susan Nicholson of the Milwaukee band Frog Water added violin, viola, banjo, mandolin, lead guitar, slide guitar, and backing vocals.  The entire CD is available digitally at the store on my web page. It is available physically via my store now. It is also available on iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, and just about every major online retailor.

"On The Bridge", was scheduled to air on the European TV station ARTE-TV in January of 2011. It is to air as part of a documentary series which airs quarterly.  After the production company viewed the final draft, which as of today is still untitled, they decided to push the air date off until September of 2011 and will air for about 2,000,000 viewers. Why did they decide to push the air date?

Because they've submitted the film to several Film Festival and feel the film has a tremendous shot at winning a medal. The film cannot win a medal if it has been publically aired by a major broadcast network, hence the delay. They've entered the film in over 40 international and national film festivals. So my music is in a film which has been submitted to several Film Festival and will air in Europe next September to a viewership of between 500,000 to 4,000,000 viewers. I am ecstatic. I have finished another 8 songs which, combined with the 4 songs already recorded, chronicle a journey from pre-deployment through homecoming, and on to a 5 year struggle with PTSD. It even ends with an image of hope. In all its 14 tracks that include John Nicholson on banjo, mandolin, lead guitar, and slide guitar. Susan Nicholson on violin, viola, and backing vocals. Lil Rev' on harmonica. Tom Haines on drums. And Jonathon Leubner on bass Guitar. Progress Media of Oshkosh, WI created the graphic design.

Purchase the new CD by clicking on the button below.

Also available digitally on iTunes, Napster, & Amazon Mp3
Also available physically at Amazon & CD Baby

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Comments about "Trying to Find My Way Home"

The first time I heard Jason's music I thought he somehow knew about my story.  Trying to find my way home was exactly my story without the words.  Anger, lack of sleep, substance abuse, isolation, depression, anxiety, and fear.  Jason's music has me the courage and hope I needed to focus on my recovery.
Anonymous Veteran at Veterans Sanctuary Allentown, PA

Jason Moon has removed the barrier between the Veteran and healing.  Translating his own experience into words and verse which are universal, he is able to transcend ages, stages and gender.  Jason’s CD is portable therapy to take home and play PRN.  It is Jason’s music that has been far more therapeutic for me than current intervention therapy.  I have heard and read the same response time and time again from Veterans dealing with PTSD – and some with MST as well. 
Mary E. Hoettels, MS, RD, (Ret)., LTC, SP, USAR, (Ret).,AUSA, DAV, RAMSCA, NABMW        

I didn't know how to explain how I felt. “Trying to Find My Way Home” not only hit home but also brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
Gene Hendrickson Jr.  Army Operation Desert Shield, OIF/OEF

Get Jason's album and distribute it far and wide…. Jason's CD of songs as a veteran about the journey to war and back is one of the most profound testaments I've ever encountered on the full cost of war.  This album of songs itself is a textbook on PTSD.  It covers all the wounds; substance abuse and alcohol suicidal feelings and just being lost and alone and saying good-by to your beloved son who you may never see again the night before you leave for war; and I could go on and on..
Edward Tick, Ph.D., Author, War and The Soul., Co-director, Soldiers Heart

I met Jason Moon at two different Soldier Heart’s retreats; Jason is an Iraq war veteran with combat PTSD.  I am a female veteran rape survivor with PTSD MST.   How can two veterans with different traumas be able to talk about their trauma and begin the slow process of healing? Jason has become part of that process. He is able to put into words his journey with the horrific effects of PTSD.  Jason is not ashamed to show his pain and emotions while singing his songs. This provides a safe environment for others to express their emotions as well.  He is always attuned to the mood of the community and adds humor to the unthinkable while singing.  His contribution to my healing has been incredible.  I wish him success, and hope that you can open your hearts and soul to see what I see.
Deborah M. Stewart, DK! Retired Navy

Being almost twice Jason's age, I didn't think his music would have much of an impact on me. Boy was I wrong! It makes me want to work harder with these young men and women we have sent off to war for the last ten years plus. Humor is good medicine for these wounded warriors and Jason gives it in spades. The impact of his music and art in general is remarkable. Well done Jason...Well done.
Hugh Scanlen, Vietnam Veteran 67-68-69, Veterans Advocate

Many American veterans continued to be plagued by PTSD, unemployment, and homelessness; this is a recipe for despair, destroyed relationships, and even suicide.  Singer-Songwriter Jason Moon’s non-profit organization, “Warriors Song,” recognizes that veterans need more than a prescription for more medications to be restored to a healthy, meaningful life.  Due to Jason’s music and outreach I have personally observed veterans struggling with PTSD find the will to stay alive yet one more day.  Jason’s music has enabled them to embrace hope and the possibility of healing in their future.   Jason’s work helps trauma survivors to realize that they are not suffering entirely alone, that each of them has individual value as a human being, that they fundamentally matter.  Simply put, to support the work of Jason Moon’s Warrior Song, is to support the conviction that the lives of our veterans have value should not end in despair.
John D. Zemler, Ph.D., Founder, www.PTSDspirituality.com.

Lecturer in Theology, Marquette University., U. S. Army Veteran
It seems like every generation has a songwriter who is able to capture the trials and tribulations of war and for this generation that songwriter is Jason Moon.  His ability to capture the blood, sweat and tears in words is immeasurable.   Moon’s ability to find common ground with his Brothers and Sisters of war is remarkable and his crowd interaction and storytelling is second to none.  Not only do Moon’s lyrics transcend all wars, but they have the ability to unite all veterans over their time in service, struggles and losses.  The one thing that I hear most in Moon’s music is the message of hope.  Doctors and Clinical Professionals cannot put in a bottle or pill what his humor is able to do for the soul.  Laughter is often times the best medicine and far too often un-prescribed.  Thank you Jason and Soldier’s Heart for helping this Soldier who has been “Trying to Find My Way Home” far too long.
Peyton Boyd, SGT 82nd Airborne OIF/OEF

Jason thanks to your music you have helped me in finally accepting my PTSD and to wear it with courage and pride vs. shame, embarrassment and guilt.
Anonymous Veteran at Veterans Sanctuary Allentown, PA

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