Jason Moon @ Luncheon Talk - Veterans Panel Discussion.

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Cardinal Stritch University, 6801 North Yates Road , Milwaukee, WI 53217

Jason Moon speaks at Cardinal Stritch. Wednesday, October 26 12:15-1:00 pm luncheon talk topic: veterans panel discussion

This is the rest of the schedule is tentatively as follows right now:

Thursday, October 27
4:00 pm Mass (Rev. Stephen Lampe, Presiding) – University Chapel

5:00 pm President’s Dinner (90 attendees) – Art Gallery

7:00 pm Keynote Address by Phil Klay …..Kliebhan

Conference Center

Friday, October 28

7:15 am Forums in Faith and Work – Italian Community Center

11:00 am Campus Visit Day/Freshmen Seminar Address – Kliebhan Conference Center

Warrior Songs Presents - Jason Moon @ Dry Hooch Warrior Summit

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Milwaukee County War Memorial, 750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, , Milwaukee, WI 53202

Jason Moon is the Sunday Nov 4th Keynote to begin day two of Dry Hooch's Annual Warrior Summit. Jason will present his program "7 Things You Never Say to A Veteran"

Registration required. Discounted registration fee for Veterans. Earn CEU's More info at: http://www.milwaukeedryhootch.org/warrior-summit-1

Jason Moon performs his PTSD education presentation. Jason uses: science, humor, storytelling, and his own personal experience to weave together an entertaining and educational investigation into the world of military PTSD. Using music and song Jason equips the audience with a deeper understanding and gratitude for what veteran’s lives are like when they return from war with PTSD.

His performance not only informs, but also offers real world solutions which inspired listeners, civilians and military alike, can use in their everyday lives to better engage with PTSD suffers.

The Dryhootch Wisconsin Warrior Summit is dedicated to coordinating a comprehensive community response to the mental health needs of veterans and their families.

Warrior Songs CD Release Party

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Funk's Pub , 5956 Executive Dr. , Fitchburg, WI 53719

Warrior Songs is proud to announce the release of our first ever, veteran story to song compilation CD. For the past 5 years, we have been gathering the stories of veterans and turning them into songs. We will celebrate the CD’s resale at Funks Pub in Fitchburg on Saturday Nov 5th 2016 from 8pm until Midnight. Contributing artists who will be performing songs from the CD include. Warrior Songs founder Jason Moon (veteran contributer), Shelia Shigley (of the Getaway Drivers), Kris Sheehan (of American Feedbag), the Mambo Surfers (Milwaukee), Melissa Doud (veteran contributor), Monterey Trail (De Pere), Jesse Frewerd (veteran contributor Milwaukee), and Courtney Reynolds (Appleton). Come and support this wonderful event. Free admission with drink specials for veterans. Be the first to get a copy of the new CD “If You Have to Ask… Warrior Songs Vol 1.”

From the CD insert text… Title: If You Have To Ask. Warrior Songs Vol. 1 Track List 1. Things Will Never Be The Same by Courtney Reynolds 2. Why Are We Here by Todd Fahn 3. Brothers by Kyle Rightley
4. Smoke Break by Emily Yates 5. Soon by Erin Krebs with Monterey Trail 6. 188th by Jacob George 7. Never Keep Me Down by Jesse Frewerd 8. The Things We Carried by Jason Moon 9. Ying and the Yang by Kris Sheehan 10. You Are Not Alone by BriGette McCoy 11. Waiting For My Sun by Sheila Shigley 12. Bullet Dress by Melissa Doud with the Mambo Surfers 13. I’m Still Fighting by Kevin Bauer and Moonshine 14. B.O.H.I.C.A by Jason Moon

If You Have To Ask. Warrior Songs Vol. 1 Warrior Songs is a 501c.3 non-profit dedicated to helping veterans heal from the wounds of service through music and the creative arts. The proceeds from the sale of this CD will fund future volumes. © Warrior Songs 2016

I struggled after I returned from the war in Iraq, and after four years, I attempted suicide. I woke up in a VA hospital and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. In 2009, I began to write songs about my experiences, and a year later, I released a full-length album of these songs, which I titled “Trying to Find My Way Home.” As my music spread in the veteran community, I began to get emails, letters, and phone calls from veterans and their loved ones. They told me that my songs spoke to them, and that my music helped them. Realizing that I had found a new mission, I began to travel the country - empowering veterans, educating civilians, and speaking to anyone that would listen.

While performing at a veterans' retreat, I met a woman soldier, who had been raped while in the military. She said to me, “If I could turn my trauma into music the way you did, I believe I would find healing the way you have.” She changed my life. In that moment, Warrior Songs was born. For five years now, I have been travelling the country: doing PTSD outreach and education, and collecting the stories of the veterans I encountered as I traveled. I carried these stories and guarded them until I found songwriters who, with the respect they deserved, transformed them into song.

The album you hold in your hand is the culmination of the first five years of Warrior Songs. Forty-two veterans contributed to it through testimony, song, poem, lyric, art, and story, and I give them my thanks. For those whose paths haven't lead them to the military, I hope it gives a glimpse into what veterans deal with, each and every day. To my brothers and sisters who have been there, I hope listening reminds you that - you are not alone - PTSD is not a weakness - and we don’t leave our wounded behind. Essayons! 9/22/2016 Jason Moon Founder Warrior Songs Inc.

Jason Moon @ Feast Of Cripsian "And Come Safe Home"

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St Johns on The Lake, 1840 N Prospect Ave, , Milwaukee, WI 53202

Private Show! Jason Moon & Frogwater perform an encore performance of Feast Of Crispians "And Come Safe Home" at St Johns on The Lake. A private showing of the ground breaking play using Shakespeare and veterans stories.

Jason Moon Solo Acoustic

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Elgin Tap, 222 Center St, , Elgin, IA

Award winning singer-songwriter Jason Moon brings a night of story and song to the Elgin Tap in Iowa!

Bos Meadery Open mic hosted by Jason Moon

 —  —

Bos Meadery, 849 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI

Open Mic at the Bos Meadery. First 5 artist to sign up get a free pint of Mead

Jason Moon - Private Show

 —  —

Oak Park Place, Madison, WI

A private show for the residents of Oak Place retirement community.

Bos Meadery Open mic hosted by Jason Moon

 —  —

Bos Meadery, 849 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI

Open Mic at the Bos Meadery. First 5 artist to sign up get a free pint of Mead

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