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How you can help

Jason Moon's Mission: Warrior Songs

Traveling around and performing for veterans and civilians costs money. From web page hosting to gasoline, from strings and picks, to hotels out on the road, the mission requires funds. Jason Moon does not charge for his performances; though he will accept an honorarium. He travels anywhere he is wanted to spread his message. You can help him continue to do that by donating via the button below.

Jasonʼs album Trying to Find My Way Home is available at bulk rates for groups wishing to use it for fundraising purposes. The following nonprofit groups provide veterans with much-needed services and Jason Moon can personally recommend them to be both helpful and necessary.

The Homeless Veterans Initiative

Jason works with the Homeless Veterans Initiative in the capacities of fundraising and outreach. The Homeless Veterans Initiative actively seeks out homeless veterans in the greater Milwaukee area. They run the only veterans food pantry in Milwaukee as well as transitional housing units and several other outreach programs. To learn more about the Homeless Veterans Initiative and how you can help go to

If you need help

Remember, PTSD is not weakness, you are not suffering alone, and we don’t leave our wounded behind.

Soldier’s Heart

Soldier’s Heart leads veterans on retreats all over the USA and in Vietnam with Dr. Ed Tick author of War and The Soul and his wife Dr. Kate Dahlstedt. Jason was fortunate enough to attend a retreat in the fall of 2008 and has continued to work with Soldiers Heart by both fundraising and bringing other veterans to several retreats. To learn more visit Soldier’s Heart at

PTSD Spirituality

This veteran has been a wonderful mentor to me and inspires me every day. If you wonder about PTSD and faith, I highly recommend his site at

Franciscan Pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome for former Military Personnel

Each pilgrimage consists of input by well-prepared, trained staff • wholesome meals served family style • visits to sacred Christian and Franciscan places • solid historical information • free time • good fun with companion pilgrims • daily prayer and Eucharist at holy places • spiritual conferences • opportunities to enjoy local cafes and restaurants • time to revisit places of special meaning • suggestions on where to shop • time to enjoy the beautiful countryside and culture • time for quiet.  Get more information here

Vets Journey Home

Vets Journey Home creates a safe, secure, and confidential container in which the wounds of war can be healed. When veterans return home they have important stories to tell. Stories that need to be heard, without judgment, to heal the anger, the grief, and the fear. Untold stories can lead to nightmares, alcohol and drug addictions, broken families, isolation, and even suicide. Vets Journey Home is staffed by other veterans and civilians, men and women, who hold the intentions of hope, honor, healing and homecoming for the veterans. This is a free weekend for veterans, in gratitude for their service. Find out more information here

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