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Warrior Songs Inc is a non-profit with 501(c)(3) application applied for.
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Together we can bring healing to veterans through music.

JASON MOON is a Milwaukee-based folk/rock musician and songwriter, an Army veteran, and an advocate for veterans issues. He was a soldier for a decade, has been writing songs for two, and holds a Religious Studies graduate degree. After returning from Iraq in 2004, Jason began his struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), almost losing his life to the disease in 2008. His latest album, Trying to Find My Way Home, portrays his struggle to reclaim himself after returning from war, and often gets through to veterans who suffer from PTSD when other methods have failed. He travels the country to inform both civilians and veterans of PTSD and to raise money for Veterans' charities

After receiving such an enormous response in the veterans community and beyond to his music, Jason created the non-profit, Warrior Songs.  The mission of Warrior Songs is to provide a forum for the veteran's voice to be heard through music. Established songwriters collaborate with the veterans and turn the words of their poetry, prose and journals into song.   As he works to build his non-profit, Jason continues to travel the country singing for veterans.  www.jasonmoon.org
Under cunstruction www.warriorsongs.org

Warrior Songs Mission Statement

Warrior Songs Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating healing through songwriting and music amongst United States Military personnel, veterans and those working with veterans. Established musicians work with veterans to develop their written works and then turn these pieces into a platform for self-expression and healing. Additionally Warrior Songs Inc. seeks to educate the public and veterans communities about veterans issues (PTSD, MST, and other war traumas) Warrior Songs also brings music to veterans in various stages of recovery. Our team of veteran musicians/veteran friendly musicians provides entertainment that is designed to educate, inspire and motivate veterans.


What vets are saying about Jason’s music……

It seems like every generation has a songwriter who is able to capture the trials and tribulations of war and for this generation that songwriter is Jason Moon. His ability to capture the blood, sweat and tears in words is immeasurable. So immeasurable you can even hear, see and smell the days spent away from home at war. Moon’s ability to find common ground with his Brother’s and Sisters of war is remarkable and his crowd interaction and storytelling is second to none. Not only do Moon’s lyrics transcend all wars but they have the ability to unite all Veteran’s over their time in service, struggles and losses. The one thing that I hear most in Moon’s music is the message of hope. Doctors and Clinical Professionals cannot put in a bottle or pill what his humor is able to do for the soul. Laughter is often times the best medicine and far too often un-prescribed. Thank you Jason and Soldier’s Heart for helping this Soldier who has been “Trying to Find My Way Home” far too long.
SGT Peyton Boyd, 82nd Airborne

Jason Moon has removed the barrier between the Veteran and healing. Translating his own experience into words and verse which are universal, he is able to transcend ages, stages and gender. Jason’s CD is portable therapy to take home and play PRN (in medical lingo – anytime you need it.) It is Jason’s music that has been far more therapeutic for me than current intervention therapy. I have heard and read the same response time and time again from Veterans dealing with PTSD – and some with MST as well. MST is a way to mask what really is the problem – rape.
Mary E. Hoettels, MS, RD, Retired
LTC, SP, USAR, Retired

Jason, although I had purchased your cd after meeting you in Dryhootch a while ago, I just started listening to it when I had some quiet moments to REALLY LISTEN. I must say that it struck some deep chords with me, and there were some painful messages. Despite this, it is giving me some inspiration to continue on my healing journey. Thank you for your music.
Betsy Beckner-Saunders: Veteran, US Navy and US Army

Jason Moon is an important voice for America and I encourage everyone to listen.................his songs tell stories only Combat Veterans can compose.... in a stark and realistic and sensitive effort. Jim Walktendonk (Nam 70-71)

I didn't know how to explain how i felt. This song not only hit home but also brought tears to my eyes.........thank you. I'm lucky to have sat and played with ya thanks bro.........Gene Hendrickson Jr. (Iraq 03-04)

Absolutely refreshing and you relate all you sing about clear as a bell man! - Bill Dyckns (Nam 68-69)
I met Jason Moon at two different Soldier Heart’s retreats; Jason is an Iraq war veteran with combat PTSD. I am a female veteran rape survivor with PTSD MST. How can two veterans with different traumas be able to talk about their trauma and begin the slow process of healing? Jason has become part of that process. He is able to put into words his journey with the horrific effects of PTSD. Jason is not ashamed to show his pain and emotions while singing his songs. This provides a safe environment for others to express their emotions as well. He is always attuned to the mood of the community and adds humor to the unthinkable while singing. Jason has found his creative art of storytelling and putting it to music with the simplicity of a guitar. His contribution to my healing has been incredible. I wish him success, and hope that you can open your hearts and soul to see what I see.
Deborah M. Stewart, DK! Retired Navy

Being almost twice Jason's age, I didn't think his music would have much of an impact on me. Boy was I wrong! It makes me want to work harder with these young men and women we have sent off to war for the last ten years plus. Humor is good medicine for these wounded warriors and Jason gives it in spades. The impact of his music and art in general is remarkable. Well done Jason...Well done.
Hugh Scanlen Vietnam Veteran 67-68-69

Jason's music touches veterans at an emotional level that is true to our experiences. As a fellow veteran, and doctoral student in counseling psychology, his music is relevant and therapeutic. In my personal opinion, it is stories such as his, that need to be heard, seen and felt by the individuals that have no idea of what our experiences were and how it affects the way we continue to experience life.
Irene Beltzer
Doctoral Student, PsyD Walden University

Jason Moon's music is played during an opening Soldier's Heart circle. The words hit home to the emotions bubbling at the surface. Tears of release and healing begin triggered from Jason's prose. We begin our journey of trust, inquiry and healing amongst a room full of strangers who have quickly become family amidst the common denominator of war healing. Jason's Music sets the stage. We love him and are grateful for his gift.
Jan Newell – Sister of a Vietnam Veteran

I am a Vietnam Veteran, 100% Disability from PTSD. My healing and survival has been deeply supported by music. When I hear the words of many musicians my HEART is opened for my grief and my joy to come out to continue my healing. Without this portal for me to pass thru my life would be less than it is now. I believe that our brother Jason Moon is giving to the haling that is so essential in all Warriors Return back to the World. I pray that our policy makers HEAR OUR CRY! Give us some help and we will do the rest by caring for each other. We know in our hearts how to move forward. Just get out of our way by giving what has been already paid for.
Bobbi Orlando,PS

Jason, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being who you are and sharing the deep, dark, raw and then hopeful and humorous feelings you have had during and since your deployment. Putting words and music to feelings that many can't express is what deeply helps make healing possible. Describing in detail what you went through in combat and how it changed you, even your brain physically and chemically, makes PTSD so much easier to understand...my words alone cannot describe how you helped me and helped me know that I wasn't alone in my feelings of separation, anxiety and depression. I am so blessed by your presence in the world. YOU ARE THE CATALYST TO THE HEALING OF SO MANY... YOUR MUSIC strikes the chords of ones very being.
Elizabeth, Army Veteran – UW Oshkosh Veterans Group

What professionals are saying about Jason’s music…………

Get Jason's album and distribute it far and wide…. Jason's CD of songs as a veteran about the veteran journey to war and back is one of the most profound testaments I've ever encountered on the full cost of war. This album of songs itself is a textbook on PTSD. It covers all the wounds; substance abuse and alcohol suicidal feelings and just being lost and alone and saying good-by to your beloved son who you may never see again the night before you leave for war; and I could go on and on..
Edward Tick, Ph.D. Author, WAR AND THE SOUL , Co-director, SOLDIER'S HEART

I am a mental health provider who works primarily with veterans who live with the aftermath of war. Many struggle to make sense of their experiences and are trying to figure out how to somehow fit into themselves and civilian society again. I am always looking for ways to have a conversation with veterans about what is happening to them in a manner that is both close to their experience and non-clinical so that they can really hear and absorb the information. I think your CD tells a story that is both very recognizable and hopeful. It is great to have such beautiful music and lyrics available to listen to with veterans. I wish I could give each of them a copy of your CD to take home.
Johanna (Hans) Buwalda, M.Ed., M.A., L.C.P.C.

Jason Moon is a gifted singer and song writer. The CD "Trying to Find My Way Home" lets Veteran's know that they are not alone in their struggles to adapt to civilian life. Too many male and female Veterans are committing suicide daily, in large part due to feeling isolated and alone in their battle to cope with their mental health symptoms. Jason Moon's very raw honest lyrics cut to the heart of coping with family issues, addiction and PTSD.
He has an authentic voice which reflects his own personal journey home, a journey that only just begins upon discharge from active duty. The poetic honesty of his lyrics will reach all those who listen to his CD. Civilians will better understand the struggles of the men and women who are serving our country, therapists will find that this CD reflects the truest feelings shared by veterans returning from combat. Most importantly our Veterans who are silently facing the challenges of adjusting to life after war will know they are not alone.
Hillary Siedler, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Asheville, NC

Hans Christian Anderson says, "Music speaks where words fail." This couldn't be truer for Jason Moon's music. It gives a profound voice to the countless warriors who don't have the words to even begin to express the seemingly inexpressible wounds of war. As a psychotherapist who works with returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, I am daily witness to the heart-wrenching effects of war on individuals, families, and the community. And as someone that has met Jason and experienced his music live, I've seen firsthand the impact that his music has on the souls of other combat veterans. As he articulates his pain, he is articulating theirs. As he chronicles his journey of struggle and healing, he is chronicling theirs. As he accesses hope, he is helping them to do the same. Jason's gutsy songs are sometimes humorous, sometimes weighty, and always poignant. The more that his music is shared with our returning warriors, the more they will see they are not alone and that healing is possible. And the more that his music is shared with our community as a whole, the better we will be able to help our warriors to truly come home.
Carolyn C. W. Brown, MSW, LCSW Asheville, NC

I have heard Jason's music live in Seattle, and I can tell you, it was a profoundly moving experience. I not only got in touch with some of my own deepest feelings of sorrow, longing, loss, and hope, but I also felt closer to everyone else in the room who was experiencing similar feelings. Music is the universal language, and it is also a balm for the soul.
Sally Jo Gilbert
Veteran Advocate – Seattle Washington

It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for presenting and performing at the National Summit: Arts in Healing for Warriors held on October 14 & 15, 2011 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, and for offering participants a complimentary copy of your CD. After months of planning by numerous partners, this two-day summit was a tremendous success, offering an unprecedented opportunity for military personnel and practitioners and supporters of arts and health to share ideas and best practices for addressing the needs of veterans, Wounded Warriors, and their families. The summit touched on a range of concerns specific to these populations, from physical issues such as traumatic brain injury to psychological effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder, and the feedback we have received from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. It is clear that the conversations begun at the summit will continue on and become the catalyst for increased arts and health activity in military and veteran settings. In fact, we have already received requests for another summit to build on the topics and conversations from our brief time together. Please visit the summit webpage for copies of summit materials and PowerPoint presentations.

Your willingness as a speaker and musician to share your story and your work with summit attendees was huge part of the driving force behind its success. The summit partners planned and coordinated the event, but your contributions brought it to life, helping people at all levels of familiarity with arts and health better comprehend the vital importance of the field in the rehabilitation and reintegration of military personnel affected by their experiences in combat. We thank you for your contribution to the National Summit: Arts in Healing for Warriors, and for your dedication to expanding opportunities for our service men and women to approach their experiences through the healing power of creativity.
Yours in arts and health,
Anita Boles, Executive Director, Society for the Arts in Healthcare

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